Monday, February 14, 2011

Dreaming Big!

I had the most exciting dream last night. I am talking all out action-adventure ( with a little romance) .he-he!
When I woke up this morning I thought for sure that I had a best seller on my hands should I decide to write it down. I'm serious. I was all set to turn it into book! Then I sat down and did some bullet points just so I would remember it. Blech. Let's just say it would not even pass as a Harlequin romance. No offense if you enjoy them. I enjoy a good page turner every so often. Oh well, I guess that one will stay in my journal. I remember having a dream not so long ago when I was signing the most beautiful song. I mean, I was sounding good and the words were perfect. Now anyone who knows me or has sat near to me in church, knows that I can not carry one single note. Dreams are pretty interesting, aren't they? I was exhausted by that one last night, I needed to rest when I woke up!
I'm trying to think of a connection that I can make about dreams and how real they can seem, and everyday crisis that may seem like a huge deal, but then you wonder, once you stand back and survey things, why in the heck was I so worked up about that?
Did that sentence make sense?
I know in my own life,problems have seemed insurmountable, but theyl are ummm, surmountable with the Lord. All of them. Every single scary diagnosis or surgery or test or test result. I can do all things with Christ. I am so thankful.
Hey, maybe he'll help me with that book!

Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm alive!

That's good news for me! I decided to start blogging again. Just because I need to blab, or whatever. Things are pretty quiet around the ol homestead. My boys are in crew at their HighSchool, and my daughter is riding horses like a crazy woman. Life is actually pretty sweet. No new news on the health front. We are keeping an eye on a lump I found in my collarbone area. The Drs don't seem to know what to make of it. We are just watching it to see if the lil bugger grows. So far, all is stable and the rest of my innards look healthy.
It's coming up on the ten year mark for me and my first diagnosis of BC. Five and a half since I had my mastectomy and the big bad diagnosis of twenty six or something positive lymph nodes. I can't even remember how many, isn't that strange?
Well, I have been keeping sort of busy, and have recently discovered that I enjoy horses, all thanks to my little girl. It's a great feeling to be out at the stable and being around them. Who would've thunk it?
Oh, I have a new dog since the last time I wrote. His name is Scmitty, pound puppy, and he sheds like a pro!
Rick and I are fine, a few changes here and there as far as business ventures but as always, the Lord provides for us. Well, just easing into the blogging again, so, whew, I'm worn out. I'm typing on my iPad(love it),but I don't think it's up too snuff for being flexible as far posting neat-o things, but I will adapt!
Well, joann-out.
....wait, I shall leave you with a scripture
Psalm 18:1-2. I love you, Lord, my strength
The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer;
My God is my rock, in whom I take refuge,
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.


Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,
As most of you know in 2001 , I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my treatment and recovery, I came to realize that I am blessed with an amazing circle of family and friends. I am also extremely fortunate to have a good healthcare plan, and live in a city where great doctors and quality care is readily available.
On March 15th and 16th I will proudly walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Boston as a 9 yr survivor. I walk for those who are not as fortunate, for those who can’t afford proper medical care, for those who are seeking a cure for this disease.
I will walk a marathon and a half(that’s nearly forty miles) and I plan to raise at least $1,800 but hopefully more. To do this, I will spend the next few months training and fundraising. I am one of thousands of people all over the country who will be doing this to raise funds for the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade and support their mission to advance access to care and find a cure. I’m honored to help others get the same chance at survival that I have. I’m looking forward to a special Avon Walk Weekend of celebrating my own survivorship among a community of people who are just as passionate about this cause as I am.
Please help me-and all who are impacted by breast cancer-by making a tax-deductible contribution. Just visit my fundraising page at
If you prefer to write a check, please make it payable to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and send it to me at
409 Franklyn Ave
Indialantic FL 32903
As I cross that finish line as a survivor, I will carry with me the hopes of each and every person who has helped me thrive since that life-changing day when I first heard the diagnosis. And that includes you! As my Doctor told me yesterday “No one should die from Breast Cancer”, and he did have some encouraging news about new medicines coming.
On behalf of tens of thousands of people whose lives may be saved by your actions, thank you.
Warmest Regards,
Joann Rootsey

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A letter from My sister in law

Hello friends and family, you know me, I am not a high tech person and barely understand email and could never really get blogging so here is my own Gillespie blog as I am so concerned and outraged (actually...) about this new government report today regarding mammograms and breast cancer. I am sure you all heard that a "government report" was issued yesterday that said that women under 50 do not really need mammograms and even over 50 maybe every other year! ANNNd that doctors don't really need to spend time teaching women about self breast exams as they really don't find much and if you feel a lump it "causes undue anxiety in women and needless biopsies". I can hardly speak about my thoughts on this never mind blogging! (That is what I think blogging is all about) So hear goes, please let's not kid ourselves that this is a way to limit health care in a major way. This is what this is about. And since I am actively in the health care field this is getting really scary. Now the insurers will not pay for these before 50 because of a study like this never mind the woman that may miss early detection.

Several years ago I was at a major health care meeting is Washington DC on health care and Brain Injury. This was a historic meeting that I am proud to say I was present even though some of the results were not at all positive. One "statement" that came out of the conference was that there was not enough evidence to show that cognitive rehabilitation for brain injury worked. The field is working to document this. BUT right after that BC/BS wrote right into their policy that they "do not reimburse for cognitive therapy" Patients and families still loose out because of this ruling today.

Also, while I am on this getting really scared kick, I may have shared with some of you the unbelievable high increases that my company had to face this fall with 24 - 78% increases in purchasing health care for my staff. I went on and on about that too that this was how we are really paying for everyone in MA to have health care for all. And yes the governor and the President can say that there is no real effect on our pocketbooks, because small business's is MA are paying the bill. My company's roster of staff is young, single, female and hasn't really changed in the last few years but our rates went up so high. WELL... this weekend in the front page of the Boston Globe was an article on just that, it sounded like my work partner and I wrote the article and I urge you to read it. (I have copies or you can google the globe the front page Sunday). Last week Eileen and I went to testify before a state committee for insurance in MA about this issue - there was only a handful of insurers there! This is scary....

So what can we do - I urge you to speak to friends and colleagues we can't just sit by and let these things happen. Call or write your congressmen and senators. If you have any great ideas let them be known.

Whew I feel better. This surely must be what blogging is all about......Yours always AG